Monday, June 10, 2013

Friends love Married.

I just got back from my trip down south where I not only got to see my best friends get married but I also got to marry them!  I officiated their wedding and it was my first and very likely my last time doing something like that.  It was really neat to play such a huge role but it was also scary scary scary!!  I'm not a fan of public speaking but I would do anything for my friends so I overcame that fear. For a day...

Aren't they beautiful?

It was a very very DIY wedding so the wedding crafting was right up my alley.  Janey had an amazing vision for what she wanted and I was happy to help her carry that out.  She has impeccable taste and it shows.

My favorite thing I made was this pom  pom backdrop for the ceremony.  Janey had gathered the doors and gave me carte blanche for decorating them.  This is by far my favorite "garland" I have ever done and am excited to make many more like this!

It was a great ceremony backdrop but also served as a nice photobooth.

The wedding party  looked sweet with pom poms framing them.

I wish that weekend could have lasted a million more days. I was with so many great friends who I never get to see enough. Now it's back to work with lots of new inspirations for making pretty stuff.

Happy Married, Janey and Adam. XOXO


Jessica Robles said...

This post makes me smile! So so happy for them!

Katie said...
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Katie said...

Hi from Katie B! Janey looks so gorgeous and happy! Give her my love. Also, when I get my time machine sorted out, I'd like you to go back to 2007 to do my wedding, please.

Rachael Bower said...

Super dreamy!