Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One Last Party For Now

I just have one more post to share with you of the party treats I have been making lately.  I mentioned a while back that I was working on some things for a very special birthday. I was over the moon to be asked by Anne Marie of Na-Da Farm to make a few treats and sweets for her daughter's 9th birthday and first communion party.  Anne Marie is such an amazing maker and stylist herself so I knew I had big shoes to fill with this task.  

I had my first foray in favor boxes with this order and I was excited to try out little pinata-style boxes.  I really learned a lot by doing this and am excited to make many more pinatas in the future.

Inside... surprise! Fun bubbles for all the kiddos!

Making this ribbon corsage, as I called it, was another favorite of mine.  This was another opportunity for me to problem solve and figure out how to make something I had never made before.  Challenges like that can start off a little daunting but it feels amazing when you work your way through everything and are happy with the end results.

This picture I borrowed from Anne Marie's blog.  She gets full credit for this gorgeous photo of Sweet Marina holding one of my huge balloons.  When I went to have these balloons filled I had never actually seen them blown up to their full three feet.  Gulp...  Anyone sitting in the parking lot of the balloon store surely had a good laugh watching me try to figure out how to fit three 3' balloons in my car with a spare tire also randomly hanging out in the back. I seriously debated leaving the tire in the parking lot and hoping it would be there when I returned.   I practically held my breath the whole way to the farm because I knew if one of those balloons popped I did not want to breath in all that helium.  I was in my very own slapstick comedy.

I was thrilled to add some of my work to this special day.  Marinara, as I call her, holds a special place in my heart.  When she and her family come into the shop where I work she is always my partner.  I tell her I'm training her for when it's her turn to work there.  Knowing I was making fun treats for such a sweetie-pie gal made me work even harder.
Please check out Anne Marie's blog for even more photos.  She is an amazing stylist who really put her all into the party to make her daughter's day the best.  See her  post here.

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