Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hi!  I did another round of editing photos and adding items to my shop and it took me way less time.  I even re-shot this guy because the first round of pictures were terrible and I can finally fully admit it.  Click the images for shop details.

Here's what is making me bananas... I am using Pixlr to edit my pics and while in the program they look great - the background looks very white and the contrast and lighting are perfect.  Now when I look at the image below I can't believe how pink the background is. Are you seeing this, too?  Were my eyes just confused when I was editing or is something getting lost in my saving translation?  Any guesses?  I promise that I will eventually get this figured out.

These two guys have been in my shop before but I revamped them a bit. I'm so in love with tassels, I want to add them onto everything.  I want to make a bunch more pom garlands for the shop.  I think they are a classic staple.

I finished my second one of these this month!  All total this is the forth pom curtain I've made.  Eventually I want to make one for myself.  It would be perfect for a photobooth backdrop.  I have been assembling these in the guest bedroom because the shelf is so easiest for working on.  I have slowly turned this room into my second studio.  I think of it as the "clean studio." And who doesn't want a bed in their studio?

I feel like I have seemed very melancholy in my blog lately. I don't mean to sound that way. I am really very content right now I just have a lot on my mind. In the past month I feel like I have worked the hardest I have ever worked in a long time and it feels really good. As I mentioned before I am probably a bit stir crazy and when you mix that with my anxiety about returning life to "normal" it can make for a weird feelings tornado.  I did try to make today last as long as possible. Now I'm going to end today like I did last night... making pom poms on the couch with my fella watching 30 Rock reruns.  I have to go to sleep early and retrain myself to get up super early.  It's so much easier to do that in the summer.  I hope you have a good evening and if your life is returning to normal tomorrow it goes very well.  And I hope you get to have cookies.

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anna said...

They look great! Enjoy your pom-cookie-pom night. Oh and Please don't stops sharing your melancholy moments, its such a comfort to know I am not alone:)