Sunday, February 2, 2014

Since Last Week

Hi. I managed to survive my back-to-work jitters last week. It helped seeing on facebook that so many other people were experiencing the same kinds of feelings.  Of course as soon as Friday came I was back in my space making stuff.  I am also watching Friends on loop lately because something about that show is so comforting.  I did watch a super great movie last week, Frances Ha.  It reminded me of me and my friends so much.  We are all slowly growing up and it's a hard thing to adapt to.  If you haven't seen it check it out. It just may be right up your alley.

My rabbit is killing me with cuteness. Which is a weird way to die.

I don't want to sound braggy but I am really catching on to the ukelele.  I love this instrument so much. I still sound like a little kid at their first recital but I'm okay with that.  So far the only song I have been playing is Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."  It's such a melancholy song but I keep playing it very upbeat.  I wonder if I can turn all rap songs into ballady ukelele songs. That could be what I'm known for!

Do you know that I have blond hair now? I do I do.

Saturday I was so grumpy and for no real reason.  I also felt kind of lazy and run down so I did a lot of couch sitting and TV watching. I think the inactivity was making me even grumpier but I did keep my hands busy by making these pom poms.

And then today I finished them up and listed them in my shop! Not so grumpy any more! Just kidding, I'm still a little grumpy. I don't know why!

You can click on the pictures for details and to see what's happening in my shop. I've been sprucing it up as much as possible. I even dusted. Just kidding. I actually vacuumed.

By now you probably know about Phillip Seymour Hoffman passing away. I am truly torn up over this.  We just watched a movie two nights ago with him in it and were talking about what a terrific and prolific actor he was. I was honestly surprised to see that he has only been in about 60 movies because it seems like he has been in every movie I have ever seen.  Some people think it's silly when people get upset about the passing of a celebrity but I don't think thats fair.  Their craft allows you to make emotional connections to them and even though you do not know them personally you may still feel like they are a small part of your life.  PSH was definitely a favorite of mine and I always rooted for him.  I hope if you feel the same way that you are finding some sort of peace in all this.  Addiction is a horrific thing that affects more than just the addicted.  I hate it.

On a lighter note.... I don't hate this swan planter given to me by one of my favorite people.

Have a nice night. If you are reading this tomorrow I hope your day is perfect and that you found some money you forgot about in your pocket!


crackerjaxshop said...

Sunday nights are hard on me.... I seem to always wish for Monday...

Unknown said...

Sunday nights are the worst! I always spend the evening being super grumpy and sad and comforting myself with food. :( It's the anxiety of the new week, methinks. Your hair and poms are adorbs and your planter is, too! I am working on covering up all my ugly planters with new covers! Flowers make everything better! Have a great week... and danggit, I don't have any money in my pocket. Boo.