Monday, February 3, 2014


I had a great day today but I ate too many sweets.  I totally forgot that I was going to stop.  Why does my job have to have donuts on Mondays?? It gets me every time.

I am trying to remember what summer feels like.  I was making these little feathers in my studio and thought about this red and yellow color scheme and how looking at these colors on a super hot summer day would make me even sweatier.  

I miss sitting outside. I miss working outside. I want one of those summer nights where it's just cool enough for a light hoodie and I'm sitting on my adirondack chair sipping a glass of wine and listening to college students in the distance drunkenly making their way to parties.  I want to watch lightning bugs and try to grab at them when they get too close.  I love when there is heat lightning in the sky or you hear the distant rumblings of a storm making it's way in.  I want warm summer mornings where you can sit outside in a tank top and drink coffee at 6:00 am because the sun is already up.  I want to swim in the sunshine.

But it's February 3 and those days are a ways a way.  Maybe we'll get lucky and Spring will come early and the sun will stay out longer sooner.

In the meantime I'm going to keep taking shelter in my studio.  Maybe I'll paint a sunshiney mural on the wall.

How are you surviving the winter? If you are reading this while in Australia I hope you know I'm so jealous of you and I really like your dress, it's really pretty.


KittensOfIndustry said...

I'm surviving the winter by living in Florida. Ironically, I want to write about how I miss seasons, because when you sit through the Ice King's reign for months, summer is just that much more beautiful. Also, I can't even handle those feathers. How can I get one, like in the picture where it's strung up on a little puff ball? I want to wear it as a necklace.

Robyn said...

Don't worry, we have winter in the southern hemisphere too! The feathers are lovely, those warm hot colors are my favorite :)

Unknown said...

I have been dreaming of the days I can go on my bike rides for hours on end. I totally get what you're saying! Did you know we gain 50 more minutes of sunshine this month? Also, while the weather is poopy, I have been enjoying seeing venus in the sky while driving to work at 6 AM :) Enjoy your snow today!