Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fever Dreams

This productive work week has so far been a slight fail.  I am at least blogging regularly and am working in my studio but it is still at the snailiest of all snail's paces. 

 I finished this today. I don't know what to make of it. I kind of love it and I kind of things it's so weird.  

What is weirder is cutting off these animal heads and mounting them on an xacto knife while I cover them in glitter. It's kind of like a big fever dream. I have been under the weather since Monday so that may be why I am moving slowly.  Spring is making it's way back and it's bringing sinus pressure with it but I promise I will not complain. I am so happy to hear the birds chirping again and to see the sun staying longer and longer each day.

 I am working on more medallions and hope to actually finish at least five before the week is done. I think I am really just procrastinating making those banners that I mentioned the other day.  I keep staring at them from across the room and am hoping the perfect idea for them will strike very soon. I am still watching Friends on loop so maybe I should do portraits of each of the actors on them. Friends is still cool, right?

My studio is a total wreck but what else is new? I feel like stopping and cleaning it would just mean more procrastination so I'm going to power through the mess.

Are you on Spring Break? If so, are you booze cruisin' or having a staycation?  Send me postcards!


obfuscatemyfood said...
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Unknown said...

It might be the week, or the expectations. I was all SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!! and I've gotten nothing done.