Monday, March 10, 2014

Making Stuff

Since the time change it feels like the days are zooming by faster than I'd like. I am on "spring break" this week and I am trying to settle in to my old routine of being a stay-at-home bunny mom.  I rearranged my house and ate cold pizza for breakfast. So far so good.

A few weeks ago I made this skateboard art for a local skateboard art show. It is my favorite thing I have made in a long time.  

Now during my work hiatus I am trying to work on some wall hangings that are inspired by the skateboard. I have been moving at a snail's pace on this because I second guess everything.  And my studio is freezing cold.  And I could come up with a million more excuses if you've got some time...

I am just being a scaredy cat. I don't know why I get so afraid of failing.  I didn't let myself worry when I made the skateboard piece so why is this holding me back?

So I am trying to loosen up and work on these little paper ornaments before I go back to the banners.
And I am working on not taking things too seriously. I am so uptight for someone who uses hot pink and turquoise in my work.

What do you do when you're afraid of art making? 

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crackerjaxshop said...

Beautiful! Lovely! Exquisite!