Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hashtag No Filter

I think I jinxed myself yesterday.  I just haaaad to write a blog post and talk about my Sunday Blues and my beginning of the week dread....  I woke up feeling optimistic. I had plans later in the day that I was looking forward to, Maybellene slept in so I was able to eat breakfast in peace, and when she did wake up she seemed to be in a good mood.  And then it was downhill from there.  She was fussing non-stop and by 8:45 am I was trying not to cry as I called our doctor to see if they could help. We have terrible health insurance so I don't take calling the doctor lightly.  They thought she had an ear infection so I took her in.  Truthfully I hoped it was an ear infection so that I could give her medicine and fix it.  But it was... teething.  The only cure for that is patience.  Can't it be something where the cure is at CVS?

So we had a very hard day.  Here's a visual example of our hard day - when I asked her to smile for a picture she did this...

I put her in her Halloween costume so she would at least be super cute while she was fussy.
I also think I had my first instance of sort of mom shaming... In the waiting room at the doctor's office Maybellene was tugging at her pony tail.  She seems to be fascinated with her hair when it's pulled up and she always plays with it and asks about it.  A lady in the waiting room looked at me and suddenly said - "she doesn't like her ponytail." Maybe she thought she was being helpful but it made me feel insecure and I kept babbling about the different reasons why I thought she did like her pony tail.  But when I got home I took it out.  But then I put her hair in pigtails because it's hot outside and her hair gets sweaty and seriously -- I think she doesn't mind her hair in a pony tail!
Photo taken with iPhone from 1987.
Jeremy came home early so I could go to the hair salon and I felt like I truly earned those two hours off.  Bleach never smelled so good.  And now I'm just getting home from a night out with some great gal pals that I'm lucky to have met here so quickly.  I'm going to go to bed without the Tuesday dreads and  instead feel optimistic that tomorrow will be a great day.


robayre said...

I'm sorry to hear about your rough day :( Don't worry about what some stranger said, I'm sure she didn't put a thought into it and probably was just trying to make conversation, not realizing how it would impact you. I say this fully recognizing how I'll tell Matt about something that happened and he'll always point out that I'm blowing it up to be so much more important in my head. It's easier said than done.
Did you go blonde again?! I wanna see pictures!

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