Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blonde Hair No Picture

no pictures yet but i did it.  i have blonde hair and i like it! thanks to the last comments on my last blog, thanks to mom, as well. i'm not going to be terribly impulsive about this tattoo thing but i have been wanting one for a long time and i'm twenty-six now so i think that's being the opposite of impulsive. I want a thing of flowers going across my upper back but i won't get it until i find exactly what i want. it has to be perfect.
sorry for the lack of capitalization and any real deep thoughts on this post. i'm in a hurry to get back to screenprinting. I promise promise to get pics soon of my new litho and other goodies.
take care and have a great weekend!


Sunny Bower Art Studio said...

You art work is fantastic!

caroline said...

I hope you will post a picture of your new blonde hair soon!

CassieMarie said...

I hope you write 'ann' above your flower tattoo. Then you can introduce yourself by pointing to your back! :) I know, lame...