Thursday, February 12, 2009

After Yesterday

After seeing that room yesterday that I posted on my blog I've been feeling a little glum. I want to have a place to live that is as sleek and beautiful as the places you see in Domino and on Design Sponge but I feel like my place is too small and strangely shaped. I know it's a temporary place for me but I can't quit dreaming of living somewhere nicer. And by nicer I just mean walls that aren't going at angles and tiny spaces that don't hold anything. I can't hang up art work because of the walls and there is no place for all my stuff so it usually ends up in cluttered piles. I think because of that it makes me not even want to try to clean the clutter but I'm tired of living that way. There are certainly moments in my place that appeal to my eyes. The above images are examples of those favorite moments. The shelf is in a different place now and I'm happier with the arrangement but I liked this at the time. I think I'm going to resolve to clean my place and approach it with more of a sense of design. I want to be designsponge worthy!
Any suggestions?
Sorry if this post sounds whiny. I'm just ready for an aesthetically pleasing change. ( :


CassieMarie said...

Ann, I feel your pain, I just want to live somewhere I can really make my own, and that has storage! :)
As for your walls, in my old place i used to hammer dress pins into the wall (the little holes self-heal in wallpaper) and then I would hang prints from clips. Maybe a little art on the walls would make it feel more 'you'. :)

Art Nest said...

I so understand. I try to pick up each item I own and say...does this make me feel good? If it does not, I do away with it. I also do my best to hide the neccassary ugly stuff (text books, nail clippers, etc.)
Your tray of lovelies is so precious. Keep the things that make you happy!!!

Unknown said...

i am totally obsessed with the designsponge spaces. it makes me want to buy a house just to decorate it. i completely understand.

CassieMarie said...

I was looking through flickr today and saw this blog i think you will love:
wahahah, it is so cute, i think you might die.