Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Springtime Flowers

I was reading Cassie's blog and thinking about how ready I am for spring. I want to feel the sun warming my arms. I want flowers everywhere! I want flowers in my house. Normally I'm not as crazy about flowers, it's balloon bouquets I like so much but I think it was the spirit of Valentine's day that put the flower mood in me. I bought myself a bouquet of clearanced pink roses after Vday. They were kind of sad but pretty. Now they are all drooped over and there's something lovely about it. But these flowers are much more springy and beautiful. My grandparent's house always had some yellow flowers that would bloom in their yard. They looked like buttercups. I would always pick a few and bring them in the house and my grandmother would put them in a juice glass on the table. It felt perfect. It felt like spring. I'm ready for that feeling again. Arent you?

(The bottom image comes from the blog L.A. In Bloom. That blog will make you crave spring and summer.)


SARAH said...

i am so ready for spring. we had a brief warm spell recently, and i was so thrilled that i unpacked all of my t-shirts and skirts... it didn't last :(

Michelle C. Moode said...

"daffodils." Or since you're from kentucky, "March Flowers." I believe "jonquils" is also acceptable. Come visit me. I will give you a botanical tour of southern california, whether you want it or not!

love, michelle.