Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hot Grads In The City

This Saturday from 5:00pm- 8:00pm the Northern Illinois 2010 Graduate Students are having a group show in Chicago! The event is in a beautiful gallery space located on 230 W. Superior St., Suite 200 in the River North area. For those of you that will be around for Art Chicago we will be just down the street. Stop by and see some great art and have a glass of wine!
Yesterday we started the set up. I was a bit stressed because there was a lot of pressure to bring my house but I have not figured out a travel plan for the house yet so I couldn't do it. But tomorrow we are going back and I plan on doing a wall installation of some sort. I love doing things like that so hopefully it will go smoothly and I won't be a stress case.
A funny thing happened Tuesday. Right after I posted about Monica Canilao I received an email from Cinders Gallery about an opening with Monica coming up. Click on the link to the Cinders Gallery blog to see some installation shots. Looks like it will be a great show.
I had a few questions in regards to the comment by the critquer of my work, about it being too clean. He wasn't being mean in this remark. I think he just wanted to see the house become a little more DIY looking. You know, handmade wallpaper, handmade furniture. I liked the idea and was all for it but only had a week until I installed my show and knew I couldn't pull it off. But it's something nice to think about for the future.
haha. on that note, have a great Thursday!
My friend Cassie's MFA reception is today. If you are in the area come to Gallery 214 to see some beautiful work!