Monday, April 26, 2010


Wow! I've had a really crazy and busy and wonderful week. Last Thursday was my reception for my show. Several of my friends and a bunch of my family all came to town and made it a grand occasion. Here are some photos from the reception. This is the last official week of school before finals week. I have a lot of loose ends I have to deal with which is a little stressful but after that I'm no longer a student. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet... So I'll leave you with photos....

This is my cousin in the house. She spent most of the reception sitting at the desk. A lot of people asked if that was purposeful. She was perfect in the home.

My friends stayed all weekend long. We ate too much food, went to see The Giving Tree Band, drove to the train station twice and had the best sushi in town. Yesterday I spent the day having friend/family withdrawals.
Wednesday all the graduating MFA grads are going to Chicago to set up for a group show that will be opening this Saturday. More details on that soon.
In the meantime I'm off to work on my Thesis and preparing for a big Etsy update!