Friday, July 16, 2010

In the Studio

Yesterday I got some good studio time in. I'm almost finished with two paintings and am starting on another one.
More studio decor. That is the sewing machine that is intimidating me.
This one is almost finished. I think I need to add a bit of color to the houses first, though.
a detail.
This one is almost finished, also. I'm working on a few houses to collage in and then I think it's all done.
I just started this one. I'm going to use a picture of cupcake icing as a cloud for the rainbow.
I'm loving swishing paint around on paper. I hope that's all I do this weekend (besides work. wha whaaa).
Today on the fundraiser blog I updated it with some Jerry Phillips print magic. Also, today is Sarah's birthday! Celebrate by wearing pink and buying some art! Go take a look!
Have a great weekend!

OH!! And major thank yous to those who helped me out with my twitter page. It's still a bit confusing but I'm figuring it out. Follow me! My name is abeautifulparty.


Amelia said...

hi there, I just saw this on twitter!! great! I will do a follow tweet for you. You will get the hang of it.

Love your art-ting :)


Claudia said...

Claudia like washes