Monday, July 12, 2010

Making Me Happy

GRRRRRR., originally uploaded by mmmmmarge.

1. This awesome illustration.
2. Having two days off work in a row.
3. My boyfriend coming home from camping.
4. My best friend moving here shortly.
5. The movie sale I went to yesterday.
6. The generous donations to the fundraising blog I'm doing.
7. My home.
8. The air conditioner my boyfriend's parents loaned us.
9. What's happening in my studio.
10. Tips.
11. Getting enough sleep.
12. My fixed-up bike.
13. My amazing boyfriend.
14. My amazing friends.
15. My amazing family.
16. The homemade pizza we had for dinner last night.
17. The kindness of others.
18. Art.
19. Knowing my friends are just a phone call away.
20. Thinking about fun things in the future.
21. Cool, breezy nights.
22. Finally feeling like I'm doing okay at my job.
23. The silly dream I had last night.
24. The color green.
25. New music by Cocorosie.
26. Old music by the Knife.
27. Art papers.
28. Dancing when no one's looking.
29. Singing all the time. Even when people can hear.
30. Being asked to create this list.

Thank you so much to Amelia at 101 Bird Tales for asking me to create this list of 30 things I like.

I'm suppose to invite 7 others to create a list but I want to invite all of you to do it. Even if you don't have a blog. Sit down with pen and paper and write down 30 things that make you happy. I feel like I've been so negative lately in my life and this helps me remember all the little great things. If you make one let me know. I want to see your happiness!


...on the brink of something beautiful said...

i love this post!!!! yay for all the awesome things going on in your life right now :)

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

This makes me happy just reading it! So many good things. And it's good to be reminded of the small (and big!) things that can make us happy every day if we just let them...

Thank you for reminding us!

Anonymous said...