Thursday, July 15, 2010


I signed up for twitter and I have to admit, I don't understand how it works. This is like the time when DVD players came out and I wouldn't get one for forever because it just seemed to complicated to figure out. It's a CD? There's a menu screen? I'm going to try it out. I chose this picture of myself because I feel like this is the face I make in response to being on twitter. A little bit curious. A little bit blank. Trying to stay positive.
You can follow me. I guess my name is @abeautifulparty. Or just abeautifulparty. I don't get it. Do you need the @ symbol?
Someone explain twitter to me. ( :
P.S. My first follower is Yoko Ono. For reals.


SARAH said...

Following you! My twitter handle is ZebrasHateHail.

My advice: just think of twitter as a way to post little bits of news about you or just anything that's interesting to you, kind of like Facebook status updates. Promote your blog posts after you've published them using the title of the post as the headline.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help!

belinda marshall said...

this made me laugh! totally know what you are going through . . . takes a while to figure these things out for me too. facebook??? still a huge mystery. i know what i want to do with it, just no idea how to go about it!

you'd be and when u want to chat to someone in particular you just put @theirusername in front or in your message and they'll get it!

actually tweetdeck is good for a more visual approach to what's going on, it's free to download ~ don't have the link but surely googling tweetdeck will lead you straight there.

good luck :)