Monday, June 27, 2011

Gorgeous, beautiful, stunning and breathtaking...

Oh me oh my! Look what I just found at My Love For You... Gorgeous, beautiful, stunning and breathtaking rock collections with a very artistic twist. Cori Kindred has found a romantic way to display her collection but instead of titling the rocks by their scientific name she instead gives them name based on their appearance. I'm absolutely in love. If anyone needs a present or two for me this is at the top of my wish list... ( ; I have slowly been building my rock and geode collection and now I'm inspired to find an interesting way to display them besides using them as backgrounds for my toy dinosaur collection.

These rock images remind me of a couple of photos I took when I was at the zoo. I hope I haven't already shown these.



I love underwater sea creatures. The remind me of my crystals and stones.

Thank you so much for the responses on my last blog. I'm so happy to hear from you.



Linda Lucia Santana said...


flux biota. said...

i should send you some fancy rocks. you'll love them.

Lauren said...

oh my. these sing to my heart, too. i'd want to collect the collections! hehe