Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photo Not Available

I'm trying to be a good blogger and keep it up but Blogger seems to be working against me. I've tried repeatedly to load the pics I wanted to share today and I keep getting an error. I promise it's not me! I tried to load the pics I showed yesterday and those wouldn't work either.
How about this pic from my Flickr? It's a bunch of toys and stuff on my studio shelf.
I may be slacking when it comes to blogging and drawing but I've been doing a great job making toy arrangements and looking at them.
Also, I don't think I've shared this yet. About a month ago I made these delicious fruit bowls using hollowed out pineapples. I filled them with fruit and granola and topped them with yogurt. It was a yummy breakfast.

See more of my flickr photos here.
Tomorrow I will hopefully be able to do the post I was planning for today. Or else I'll just show you slides from my last vacation. ( :

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flux biota. said...

you have done a great job organizing toys. now draw em'!