Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beauties Shops

Yesterday I mentioned that I have never had a macaroon before. This was the comment my friend Michelle left on my blog:

I have never had one! But that changed yesterday at the All Chocolate Kitchen. There were many flavors to choose from, it was hard to choose but I finally decided on a classic chocolate and maybe a not so classic Lemon. I also had Lemon sorbet. I was at a place called All Chocolate Kitchen, I had to indulge a little bit. The chocolate one was good but I only ate half. Very sweet.
The lemon was definitely my fave. I have a crazy thing for lemon flavored treats. I was surprised by how teeny tiny they were. I am happy to say that I now know what this sweet treat tastes like. I felt like Marie Antoinette, the Sophia Coppola version...
We also checked out a beautiful shop called The Mossy Twig. My friend wanted to get some air plants and I just wanted to be inspired. I certainly was. There were beautiful terrariums everywhere, it was magical.

I was very frugal on this trip. I wanted to buy everything but I think I made a good decision on my purchases. We went to a little flea market and I scored this huge crystal quartz. I couldn't believe my luck.
I also got this vintage necklace. Earlier that day I was wishing I had a long gold necklace to wear with my outfit and I lucked out and found this beauty. I'm so into gold right now.
This adventure took place in Geneva, IL. If you are ever in that area definitely explore the downtown. There are so many cute shops.

Hope you have a super fantastic day and where ever you are the sun is shining!