Thursday, February 23, 2012

Phantom Hair

So I recently had really big plans to spend my tax return on something super important: bleaching my hair blond.... From the minute I dyed my hair brown I wanted to be blond again. After a consultant with my hair stylist she warned me that doing this could be an expensive disaster. These were not the words I wanted to hear but I accepted them. But I was ready for a change. I'm trying to grow my hair out so I can have fabulous wedding hair but it's in that stage where it's really boring. So... I shaved some. I'm still screaming a little bit inside because I did this. I always wanted to do it and if I can't be blond I might as well have something. I learned that I would not be pretty at all if I had a completely shaved head but with this style I can wear hair over it and no one knows. I think I love it even though I'm still afraid. It makes me feel a little sassier. (I'm sorry, Mom. Don't be mad!!)
Besides having phantom hair pains I've been crafting up a storm. I made this banner for Cracker Jax. I finally learned how to make shapes in the banner. This one is my favorite one I've made.
And one day I wore all my favorite necklaces at once. The bottom one was handmade for me by a very fabulous co-worker.
As I type this a little girl is walking to school outside and singing her heart out. I hope you have a sing your heart out kind of day.


bryanne polacek said...

this post makes me smile. yer a beauty!

Kim Baise said...

very cute! you are sassy!!!
i love the gold banner 3 necklaces:)
very cool post!