Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The past couple of days have been productive ones.  I started a new exercise routine, finally did laundry, and did lots of work for abeautifulparty!
For my shop I am trying to work on different types of containers besides jars. I have shown you a preview of these little avon jars but here they are in their natural environment!  They would make sweet gifts and can hold something special inside.  I have been looking around for other alternatives to mason jars. The possibilities are endless!

Blue Horse
Pink Dinosaur
This one is not too alternative but I did coat the inside with a layer of pearlescent pink paint so it really compliments the gold.  It might be one of my favorites!
Pink Horse
 I should have spent the rest of my day working on wedding crafts but I keep procrastinating.  Instead I worked on these new paper banters.  It was nice to sit down at my desk and work on a very clean process. As you can see from all the paint on my desk I am used to working with we media and getting stuff everywhere.  My crafting headquarters are getting pretty cramped so the move will be nice.

I finished this little garland.  It is so long. Maybe too long. It was hard to take a picture of.  I'm pretty excited about it and am looking forward to thinking of new ways to create this.

But maybe first I should finish things for my wedding.... Less than a month!!!

Get ready for tomorrow because I am going to do a thesis show post on one of my very best friends! It is going to be amazing!!



Wear The Canvas said...

OMG your shop is soooo cute! Love that last garland.

Hannah said...

Love the garland, Ann!