Sunday, September 15, 2013

About Me

I don't know why I think I can sit down and edit about a million pictures and list them in my etsy shop and it's going to take about an hour. I'm almost three hours in and I'm only halfway through editing. I have eaten cinnamon toast and had Portlandia playing in the background. That could have added more time? I never learn.

My blog is usually dedicated to showing the work  that I'm doing in the studio with the occasional whiny post about what I'm doing wrong.  I also do everything I can to promote other people in this space because that's a super important thing to me. Life is hard enough as it is, can't we all help each other out when we can?

So for the sake of doing something a little different I want to share five things about me that do not fall into the aforementioned categories.  Ready? Here goes!

1.  I am quite possible the biggest klutz that ever walked (when not falling) the earth.  There is nothing graceful about me. We have had a heavy fan at the end of our hallway for the last part of the summer and I dread every time I have to walk by it because I know I will somehow get myself tangled up in it. I  trip over it at least 8 of 10 times that I walk by.  My ankles are forever bruised.  Falling in public no longer embarrasses me because I'm so used to it.  Here's my favorite anecdote:

When I was in high school I went on a group field trip to see a musical in Nashville.  It was Annie Get Your Gun.  It was almost time for everyone to go into the theater so the whole audience was packed into one room. I fell walking while down a three step staircase and the WHOLE ENTIRE AUDIENCE made that noise you make where you see something bad happen but you can't do anything about it. I can't even try to type it out but you can imagine. After that moment there is no longer any reason to feel embarrassed.  

2.  I'm a crazy worrier.  I will worry myself sick over anything and everything.  When I have the rare moment where I realize there is nothing to worry about I start worrying about what is around the corner.  I wish I could get over this like I got over my embarrassment of falling in public but it's not as easy to have a good sense of humor about that.

3.  When I get an idea for a new project that I'm super excited about I will do everything but work on that project. Maybe it ties in with my worrying but I will come up with a million different reasons for why I can't work on exciting new project in exactly that moment. Suddenly I'll realize that I should vacuum or do a load of laundry or go through my computer and delete old files.  It may come down to my fear of not doing well at exciting new project that prohibits me from actually working on it. This is a thing I would like to fix immediately.  As soon as I dust my whole house.

4.  Having rabbits as pet is totally new to me.  Up until I got my first rabbit I only ever had fish. They still make me a little timid and I'm alway afraid I'll get bitten.  And I always feel like Rue is giving me the stinkeye so I'm not sure how much she truly likes me.

5.  This may sound like a teen girl thing but I love friendships.  I have so many close friendships with so many amazing people that I consider myself super lucky.  I have had very few bad friendship/frenemy moments in my life and after hearing a lot of people talk about so many friendships that went sour I know I can count myself among the lucky.  I am the type of person that calls lots of people best friends and I genuinely think of them as my best friends.  For my wedding my mom was worried I was going to have so many people in my bridesmaid group that there would be no one in the audience but I didn't care. If the whole audience was standing next to me that would be amazing.  I still feel like there are people I left out.  I love all my girl friends and guy friends so much and I know that our friendships will stay intact regardless of geography or how much our lives change as we grow older.  There... friendship is magic! Unicorns! Teen girl for life!

So now you know I'm a worrying, klutzy teen girl who is afraid of failing and getting bitten by her rabbit.  I should put that sentence on my business card.

Tomorrow (almost today... eek!) I'm going to start a mini stint as a full time temporary secretary. I'm so nervous about it but am looking forward to it, too. This is not me giving up my work at home follow your dream craft business. I'm just taking a quick break so I can pick up a regular paycheck and be around creative folks.  Unicorns!

Sweet dreams!

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CassieMarie said...

Have a good first day tomorrow, AND get yourself a copy of lightroom - it is a gamechanger when editing pics. That or just use afterlight on your iphone. :)