Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Clean House... Kind Of.

My sweet mom got me fitbit flex that recently arrived in the mail. I wear it on my wrist and digitally keep track of how many steps each day. Yesterday was my first day using it which also coincided with the day I declared to be my "clean everything out" house cleaning day.  I reached my goal of 10,000 steps by 4:00 pm.  I did not, however, clean everything out of my house. I have been super slow going with this process. Mostly because I hate cleaning. I really really hate it.  It's always easier to clean when I'm procrastinating something else. I guess I'm procrastinating taking photos for my etsy shop - another thing I hate doing. I cannot win!

 My living room is taking shape, though. I have been dusting and vacuuming, and swiffering and rearranging like crazy. My inspiration point now looks like this. Pretty minimal for me.

I got some great feedback from several people about ways of dealing with clutter in an organized way and not feeling like I have to give up a lot of stuff.  I know I'll never be someone who only has five things. I love things. I'm an artist... I make things! But I really like the idea of only having things that are truly special.  I'm trying to go through all my stuff and really think about what I have and why I have it and if I really need it.  It feels good to clean out and to move things around.

These two little cones were made by one of my best friends, Janey.  The one on the left was a unicorn horn she made for herself one Halloween. I loved it so much so she gave it to me. It goes perfect with the little conical art piece from her BFA show.

I'm in love with this little collection.  Jessica Robles drew those bunnies and I used them on the programs in my wedding. She then gifted me the drawing in a beautiful frame.

Janey made that little box house for me one year for my birthday.  Those books are Nicole Georges's and the kaleidoscopes make up my mini collection. The one on the left was handmade by Joanna Goss. The shell was from another best friend, Cameron.

I'm kind of a crystal and rock junky.  I love them. They are the most beautiful things ever made and it blows my mind that they are natural gifts from the earth.

This shelf is the bane of my existence. This used to be my favorite thing about the house... a built in shelf! Just like my childhood bedroom!  But once I started filling it up I could not stand the clutter it was creating.  It started to feel like it was too awkward of a space to put a lot of things so I am constantly rearranging.  I would love to take the whole shelving unit out and paint the inside with a pop color and then maybe add only a couple or three shelves back in, only I want them to be wood floating shelves.  My husband is not in to doing cosmetic changes so if I want to do this it's all on me. I'm a bit intimidated by the idea which is why I have done nothing so far.  Anybody want to come over and help me paint? I'm scared.

I've been hemming and hawing all day today over cleaning my kitchen and finishing up the living room. Can't someone else do it? My goal is to get my 10,000 steps in while finishing up these rooms and having free time tomorrow to get back into my studio.  The life of a housewife... ( :

Happy Tuesday toooooo yoooooouuuu.

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Unknown said...

I would totally come help you paint! Maybe I'll get to come visit and some point and we can do it together. I used to paint apartments and houses for a job back in the day. I enjoy it. Your place is looking good! I took the time to clean up a couple days ago. It is hard to stay focused, but it feels good at the end! I always put on loud music and dance. That seems to help.