Saturday, September 27, 2008

Business Cards and Margaritaville

So I just made business cards for my blog/etsy/email address. I'm not sure if i should have used the image that i chose but i really like it. The image below is what you will see on my cards. What do you think? Spooky?? My friend Anna was my ghost model. She did a great job standing in the heat with wasps everywhere. Best little Ghost Model yet!

Also, I'm suppose to send a shout out to my sister Lynne, my Aunt Kim, Chad and Fun Bobby. They are at a University of Kentucky game and have assured me that while tailgating they will check my blog for updates. In honor of them being drunk at a game (is it football? basketball? lacrosse?) Here's a video Kim shot of us all at a wedding last year in Louisville. This was shot after the reception and sadly a lot of the people in the video are sober. Guess who it is!

In non-shout out news I went to Dick Blick today and bought tons of markers and paints. Then I went to IKEA and bought frames. I could spend hours in both of those stores but I was with a group so we had to be quick. It was a fun trip and Darren, Kurt and I sang Girl Talk songs the whole way home. Now I'm going to put my new markers to work and make some art.

Have a good Saturday!

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