Saturday, September 20, 2008

Reality Bites and Wall Decor

Once again I'm at Panera having some lunch and computer time.  Sometimes these are my favorite moments of the day when i can sit by myself and leisurely check my emails and read all my favorite blogs.  After this I'm going to go back to my studio where I'm currently painting and drawing on manilla envelopes.  I'll post updates of my work soon.  At Panera when they have your food ready they call your name over an intercom and it sort of reminded me of Reality Bites when Laney gets a phone call at a restaurant and they call her name out and she awkwardly answers, "Yeah..."  I feel like I have a lot of those awkward moments in my life and they are plenty funny after the fact.  Do you have any good awkward, cringe-y stories?
So, the image today is a part of my wall. I filled up some IKEA shadowbox frames with all my favorite childhood ephemera.  The owl was a gift from my friend Katie.  She got it at Anthropology.  This is just a happy little moment in my life.
Have a great weekend, Dear Readers...

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