Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fluffy Ghost Land Cloud

I just uploaded this little dandy to my Etsy site.  It's called Fluffy Ghost Land Cloud and can be yours! It looks great in an IKEA shadowbox frame.
This is the description:

I love drawing Ghost Land scenes on little paper doilies. This is one of those drawings sewn to handprinted Japanese papers with a waxed doily framing the image. The little guys floating in the image are part of a narrative that comes out in my work. They live in the ground and they keep an eye on everything going on. They love to snack on rainbows.

Check it out! And send your energy to the friends and families of DJ AM and Travis Barker as well as all the four victims of yesterday's fatal flight.  The late  Little Chris just lost a brother in a car accident and has a newborn baby at home.  It's truly tragic.  Send some good energy their way, please.

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Leililaloo said...

Thank you very much for falling in love with my houses :-)
I love your work very very much aswell!!!!!