Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Coffee Stained

Here's a tragic story... At the beginning of the summer I spent a lot of time coffee staining a bunch of papers and envelopes. I had all these amazing collage materials and couldn't wait to get started making stuff.  Since I was taking monoprinting classes at frogman's I figured I could take all my collage materials with me so I packed them all up in a grocery bag.  The day before I left I was frantically trying to load my car and clean it out at the same time.  Short story short, I threw away my whole bag of collage materials!  It makes my stomach hurt to think about it. Not only was it my stained papers but it was also a ton of wallpaper patterned paper that I screen printed myself.  So many things I threw away!!  
Needless to say I've been spending the last few days staining more papers.  The pictures above are the papers in the casserole dish and then laying out to dry.  The picture below is a collage I was working on before the tragic incident.  I'm trying to view this positively.  Maybe I can push my work in a new place and get out of my wallpaper pattern comfort zone... at least for now. Next up, screenprinting patterns!

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