Monday, July 27, 2009

To Read

It's early morning and I'm about to head off to the beach, but not without suggesting some great reads. These are some newer blogs to me.  Maybe they are ones you already read but if not definitely check them out.  They always have beautiful images that are very inspiring.

Saelee Oh is an artist I'm really into. I first discovered her when she was on the cover of Giant Robot.  She's a really neat person and her artwork is beautiful.  I love all the handcutting she does.  Check out her site, she did a show with Jill Bliss and they made some beautiful things together.

I've been a huge fan of Caroline Hwang for a long time now so imagine my excitement when I discovered she had a blog.  That's what I love about blogging, so many people you admire and are inspired by have their own blogs and it's a great way to learn more about your favorite artists.  Caroline seems like a great girl and I always love her work.  Check her out here.
I'm not sure how I came across L.A. in Bloom but I'm glad I did.  This site always has beautiful pictures of food, art and plants.  The blogger, Heather Taylor, owns a gallery in L.A. and lives a fancy life filled with yummy beautiful foods, backyard gardens and lovely art.  Learn all about her here.

Jeana Sohn is a west coast artist who is represented by the gallery owned by the aforementioned Heather Taylor.  I love her work and her blog is great.  She takes a lot of pictures of her everyday life.  It's real simple and real beautiful.
Finally, of course I would love this blog just based on the name alone.  But besides that it's a really cool blog about party ideas. This blog helps create beautiful parties.  The blogger was a former art director for Martha Stewart.  Look at it look!

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Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Wow! These are some great links! I particularly love Saelee Oh.

Thanks for sharing!