Monday, July 20, 2009

Swap Meet

One of the great things about Frogman's is that everyone is eager to exchange art.  I scored so many great pieces while I was there and want to share them with you.  So here goes...

This is a piece by Taylor McClure, a student at North Texas in Denton.  I loved Taylor's work, it was hard to pick only one piece.
This piece is by Jon Vogt.  He's going to Tamarind in the fall.
One of the things that happened the first week at frogman's was drawings for faculty work.  I usually never win drawings so imagine my surprise when I won this print by Mark Sisson.  It's a beautiful woodcut and i believe it's nickname is Bitch Dog.
This amazing woodcut is by Andy Burkitt.  He was on of the assistants and is going to be starting grad school at the University of Georgia in Athens in the fall.
I love this print by Richard Wenrich.  It's actually him dressed in drag.  He goes to George Mason University.
Dennis Mcnett was on of the teachers the second week.  He taught a relief class that combined both print and sculpture.  His class shared a room with mine so I got to keep an eye on all the fun they were having.  Dennis is an amazing artist and a very kind person.  He printed shirts for everyone the whole week he was there and gave away prints to his students.  I was lucky to get a chance to trade with him.  I love this wolfbat print.  Check out his website.
One of my best friends, Katy Seals, assisted this year also.  She makes amazing work and tons of it.  She's always so generous with her prints, quick to give them away to whoever wants them.  I've always admired her attitude about artmaking. I'm very excited to have on of her newest prints.  Katy is starting grad school at Oklahoma in the fall.
My good friend Adrienne Miller got to come for a week and it was so exciting to see her! She brought me this print from Hatch Show Print where she used to intern and her boyfriend currently works.  I love this poster!
Hannah Campbell, another assistant, had so many amazing intaglio prints.  It was such a pleasure meeting Hannah and I'm very excited to have some of her work.  She goes to grad school at LSU and has an etsy shop here.
John Hancock is someone a lot of people look up to and admire.  He was Katy Seal's undergrad professor and they both share the same attitude about art.  John is always quick to give away his work.  I love this piece.  Check out John and his brother's website.  These guys are amazing artists and amazing people. 
I got to be good friends with Emily Cummings from California.  We had a class together first week and I really admired the way she made work.  It encouraged me to start thinking about artmaking differently.  I'm excited to have some of her work.  I got a piece last year an now have this new one for my Emily Cummings collection!
Chris Wallace was another assistant that I got a piece from.  This lithograph print is amazing and beautiful.  It's a drawing of a homemade tattoo gun and Chris even made his own working gun to draw from.  Chris goes to Kansas City Art Institute and I'm hoping he will be an NIU grad student soon.
Last but definitely not least is a print by Anita Jung.  As I mentioned in a previous blog I assisted Anita in the monoprint class the first week.  Anita is such an amazing artist and one of the most positive people I've met.  She has such an amazing energy that's very inspiring.  Anita gave me this piece when she saw all my ghost work.  It's a folded print, the top picture is the outside and the bottom image is the inside.
Wow.  So that's my collection.  There were definitely more pieces I would have love to have nabbed but I get a little shy about trades.  It can be intimidating because you don't want to put people on the spot.  What if they don't want your work?! What if they hate your work?! What if they - gasp!-- say no?!  But I'm very pleased with all these piece.  What do you think? What's your favorite?


Hannah said...

Hi! I miss you, too! I love your blog. It is such a great idea to post all of the prints you traded for! I think I will do the same.

I just restarted blogging recently. Here is my blog address if you are interested:

Million$Etsy Store coming soon.

Emily Cummings said...

I'm famous! I'm famous!

It's wonderful to have finally arrived at the beautiful party. I'm late, I know, but I love it!