Monday, November 30, 2009

another year....

I'm back. I took a pretty long break from the internet over the Thanksgiving holiday. I got back into town Saturday evening and spent the remainder part of my long weekend trying to finish up homework. Today is my birthday and my goal was to be finished by today but of course I'm not. Just a little more to go, though. I really want to spend my day working out, fixing yummy lunch and working in my studio. I will still make those things happen, I just have to finish this boring homework first.
I feel weird being another year older. I always get kind of cry-y on my birthday. I wish I was little again and I got birthday parties. Like when I was thirteen and I had a skating party. That was fun. Or when I was much younger and had a pizza hut party. I always wanted an old fashioned party where people dressed up and drank from punch bowls and listened to records. That would be fancy. And streamers and balloons! My heart skipped a beat. But anyway I'm too old. And there is stupid homework to be done.
So I think as a treat to myself I'll catch up on all my favorite blogs. It seems like I've gotten some new readers lately. Welcome welcome! Take your coat off and stay a while.
Tomorrow I'll post on my Thanksgiving. It was a great day. Once I found mom's famous mashed potatoes I was set. Those are my favorite... ( : Hope you all had a great thanksgiving if you celebrate. If you don't I hope you had a fabulous day anyway.
I'll leave you with some of my favorite pictures from the web of doggy parties:


anna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY:)! Did you already make a list of 27 things you are going to do in the coming year ? (my ant-birtday-melancholy-medication ;))

flux biota. said...

hey pal. wish i was there to celebrate.

Maria-Thérèse said...


What do you mean, too old?
GO get yourself some balloons and cake! Now! Do it! Hugsss