Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm currently loving this shop. This is a paper goods shop by Jessica Wolf called Paper Acorn. I've featured her older shop on here a while back but Paper Acorn is pretty new. This is a great place to buy some Christmas gifts and holiday decorations.

This weekend my friend Janey is in town! I'm excited to get to see her but I'm also going to be pretty busy with the end of the semester coming so soon. I'm back to being really happy with what's going on in my studio right now. I'll post updates soon. Oh and... that presentation for my art history class? Still not prepared... But whatever. I'm chill about it. I love ignoring responsibilities. I should be just fine when I get out of school right? Right?

Last night one of my students had his BFA show and it was really great! He put a couple of his prints in the show and I felt really good. I love having moments when I feel like I'm succeeding as a teacher. I just care so much about my students making great work and really loving the act of making art. Nerd.

You guys have a good weekend!

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anna said...

Be proud:) teaching isn't always easy.. but can be really rewarding!!
love the paperwork. Enjoy your weekend!