Monday, November 23, 2009


Today is the day I give my presentation in art history. Im one part completely chill, two parts totally terrified. So instead of thinking about that I'm taking a minute to think about Megan Whitmarsh's work and how much I love it. Click here to see more and love it, too.

I'm also thinking about this adorable kitten. I'm allergic to cats but I like to pretend that if I just get one my allergies will take care of themselves. My boyfriend and I looked up kitten adoption agencies yesterday. I want want want a black Persian kitten just like this one. It's hard finding a rescue shelter for them but I'm going to keep looking and keep hoping that my allergies will heal once they come face-to-face with this cuteness.


Maria-Thérèse said...

Good luck!!!! I'm sure you'll do grrrrrreat!

I'm allergic to cats to - sucks! But lately I've been able to visit my bestfriend who has a cat and there was NO reaction! I want a kitten I want a kitten I want a kitten but I think I'd be tempting fate too much. Can't there be a cure for like ONE cat, so that you are able to tolerate ONE SINGLE TINY LITTLE CAT?

Boys In Stripes said...

I say do it. There's no cure like cuteness. And it's true, some cats do make you more allergic than others.. maybe he'll have no effect on you other than turning your heart to mush! Cute blog :)

Vanessa said...

Hope it all went well. One thing I don't miss about talks and group critiques!

Malinda Jane said...

i'm allergic to cats and dogs, but i had a cat for years. eventually your body gets adjusted to being around that particular animal and your reaction eventually goes away. when we first got a dog, he'd give me a rash but about a month or so later he doesn't affect me anymore.