Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Thanks to the blog world I recently rediscovered an artist whose work I love and am inspired by. I came across Joetta Maue's work on a blog about a year ago and lately I started thinking about her and couldn't remember her name or where I saw her work. Fate intervened when I was checking out my friend Cassie's blog at Ransomed and Beloved. She posted about Joetta and I was thrilled to find this artist again. Her works makes my heart skip beats. Find more of her stuff here.


Vanessa said...

You wont believe it, I did a search for this artist the other day! I had entered a competition on the blog 'Design for mankind'. You had to write a line on what home meant to you and then when they were all published you choose one and did an accompanying drawing and they printed post cards of the best ones...anyway Joetta did a drawing based on my writing!!! So I was curious to see more of her work. Small, small world. xx

A Beautiful Party said...

maybe that's a trend with her. she keeps getting re-discovered. i would love to see the work from that competition.

Catherine said...

THanks for them mention.... I have her piece "be brave" as the background on my computer!!! do you link things in your blog? So you can just click and go to other sites? I know....stupid question but i am computer inept....:)

Vanessa said...

Here is the link:
My home line was a 'dusty noisy delightful mess'. If you search down you will find all of Joettas entry's.
One of her designs won and they can be found here:

hannah said...

Some of this work reminds me of my old roommate in Athens' work: Brian Hitselberger. He's a graduate student in painting at the University of Georgia. We studied some printmaking together in our undergrad.

Here's his website if you're interested: