Monday, August 9, 2010

Photos for my Mom

Okay, my mom has been demanding some photos of my new place. Maybe you are curious, too? It's still not 100% in order yet so I've taken some detail shots. I've also learned that I have to worst photography skills ever. I'm going to sit down with a bottle of wine and the instruction book for my camera and finally tackle this problem. Or just get tipsy. Either way. I'll make some sort of effort.
Without further ado... Here is my new NEW place.
Anyone want to show me how a sewing machine works? Otherwise this is just decoration...

Finally! Little pots for coloring pencils. That was my dream.
I love this kitchen table but there is still junk on it so I'll just show you the good parts.
I got a little obsessive with color-coordination... Bookshelf is next.
This bird watches over me when I'm doing dishes. She whispers encouragement to keep on going. I tell her I hate washing dishes.

I was sold on this apartment as soon as I saw this amazing art deco-ish vanity in the bathroom. Such detail!
If you haven't noticed yet, this bookshelf is my favorite thing ever!
Those flowers were for my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. That's the longest I've ever made it with a fella. Smiley face, indeed.
Blurry! Ugh!
We have paper lanterns! I always wanted these! Teen girl!!

Thanks for looking!
New art up on the fundraiser blog. Go here to see!
Have a fabulous Monday!


It Builds Character. said...

Love the colored pencil pots! And the dishwashing bird. I need a little cutie like that to talk to about hating washing dishes.
And I LOVE your DVD arrangement system. I could never do it because I'm too anal (I even split up tv shows, music dvds, art dvds, and exercise dvds from my movies...can never decide if I should separate the movies into genres). It looks really cool, though.
I'm a little sad that I'll never see that green bathtub and sink from your old new place. That would have been a deal maker for me. (if the place weren't infested with mold, of course)

flux biota. said...

i was going to say it...but emily already did. this place looks nice, can't wait to see it.

anna said...

Thank you for showing us around! Looks like a great place. Glad to see your exchange of places turned out well. Pff they say moving is one of the most stressfull things and you did it twice in a couple of months!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely home! I love the little pots, so cute!

文王廷 said...


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

It looks so organised and pretty!

Hannah said...

Loved seeing your apartment. Moms always ask for photos so they can imagine you safe & happy at your home.

As for learning to use that sewing machine, I'd say get your hands on the manual. They're usually pretty good. And google search a dictionary of basic sewing terms to help you understand patterns. I don't know much about it, but I'm currently teaching myself, and that's how I've been winging it. Also, getting hold of a nice grandma with sewing knowledge never hurts.