Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coffee Buckets and Haircuts

Two things. Yesterday I was getting ready for work at my new job at a certain bookstore where coffee is served. I had just worked the night before for the last time at my old job and had a bit of a late night so I was tired tired tired. I needed plenty of iced coffee. So I made myself a bucket of iced coffee. It came in handy while I ran around the apartment getting ready. My boyfriend thought I was ridiculous. And I admit it was. But it was also a pretty brilliant time saver. Have a bucket? Have little time? There you go....
Also since I'm currently pretty broke I'm trying to cut back on luxury items like nice haircuts. I'm still a little too nervous to go to a Hair Cuttery so I thought I would give myself a haircut. I always like to take photos of hairstyles to my hair stylist so I thought I would have a photo for myself. I went for the Ramona Quimby look, Age 8. I actually really like the haircut and it makes me feel spunky like Ramona. She's a good role model (but probably best for girls who are actually 8?) I may post pictures of the actual cut. Meanwhile, enjoy this photo of the one who inspired it.
Off to work soon! No buckets of coffee for me this morning. Have a great Tuesday!


flux biota. said...

can i just say how ANN FLOWERS it is to run aroujnd with a bucket of coffee. i love it.

Maria-Thérèse ~ www.afiori.com said...

CANNOT WAIT to see haircut!
You are so crazy and brave in the best possible way.

Amelia said...

wow - buckets of iced coffee and haircuts! intriguing life we artists lead. Good luck with the new job :)