Monday, September 6, 2010

Out of the Dumps

I've really been pulling myself out of the dumps lately. So far the best cure has been my day with my good friend Joanna. We got to have lunch last Thursday and do some major catching up. Joanna has been busy all summer making lots of neat things for an art sale she did with her boyfriend Don. I was not able to go to the sale so she brought me a bag of goodies to make up for it. It was such a great treat to see my friend and score some awesome art! Definitely inspired me to get into my own studio and just start making stuff.
Here is the screenprinted bag Joanna and Don made for the store. They really paid attention to every last detail.
Joanna recently took a felting workshop and now she is making these cute popsicle felt pins.
There is also this handmade, hand-drawn pinwheel that is super adorable.
And Flags! As you can see Joanna has named her shop Prairie Dog Museum and I'm being told an Etsy shop is coming very soon.
While Joanna and I were out to lunch we stopped by the Farmer's Market and I treated myself to these flowers. They are so beautiful and really freshen up my place.
So that was my wonderful Thursday. I have more goodies from Joanna and Don but have not photographed them yet. Be on the lookout for them. They are making amazing stuff.
Don't forget today is the last day of my fundraiser. Go to the site to snatch up some awesome work that is priced so so low. I scored this beautiful piece by Kristen of Knotted Nest. Never-you-mind the blurriness of the photo... But seriously, the money is all going to a great cause. You can't beat art and good causes. Go take a look!
Oh! And Happy Labor Day! I forget it's a holiday. I actually have to labor today but it's okay, I love my job!

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