Monday, September 27, 2010

New American Paintings: Midwest

I just got my latest New American Paintings in the mail and it is the Midwest edition. Usually that is my favorite because I feel like there is always a lot of exciting artwork happening in the Midwest. I'm not just saying this because I live in the Midwest. Full disclosure, however, I was rejected from this issue. No big deal though. I'm nothing if not resilient. I will send them new slides this year and hope for the best. Meanwhile I wanted to share with you a few of the artists in this edition who were my favorites.
These first two pieces are by Casey Roberts. These are cyanotypes with gauche painted on them. These two pieces are not in NAP. Aren't they gorgeous? See tons of more beautiful works at his website.

The next three pieces are by Nathan Vernau. Again these are not the actual works in the publication. Nathan has tons of great pieces at his website. They are silly and intense all at the same time. One of his pieces made the cover of NAP!

I also love these quirky pieces by Lee Piechocki. The bottom piece is in NAP but the top two pieces are older. See more of his work here.

New American Paintings is out now. Check your newsstands to see more great work!

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anna said...

Very inspiring. I love this illustration meets art kind of style.
I like your spirit (if you are never rejected you didn't try hard enough, right :)