Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Renegade Trip

I realized I never wrote about my day at the Renegade Art Festival. I had such a wonderful time. I got a shot of the booths but was mostly too shy to ask people if I could take personalized booth photos. I need to get over my shyness I suppose.

Instead I took photos of shadows...

I was not too shy to ask my friend Maranda for a photo and I'm glad I did. She has such beautiful work and just opened a shop on Etsy called Cloud Story Books. Maranda and I went to undergrad together so I was very excited to see her in my current neck of the woods. She's doing amazing things so keep an eye out. Her sketchbooks would make wonderful presents.
Here are a few photos of what is in her shop...

I was on a very tight budget, sadly, so I could not go wild with spending like I would have loved to. I did buy a necklace just like this one from Caitlin's Nice shop. Her store title could not be truer. She was the sweetest, just like last year when I bought a little deer plaque from her. She has lots of beautiful goodies in her shop.
I also fell in love with Arcane Arts. My friend and I were shopping for a birthday gift for my friend and we picked up this gift (we haven't given it our friend yet but I'm sort of pretty sure she only reads my blog every once in a while so hopefully she won't see this...Look away Camerson, Spoiler alert). Check out this store for all kinds of beautiful artwork.
I was very surprised at myself for spending so little on this trip. I'm really starting to gain some willpower because I definitely could have blown my bank account. Renegade is so much fun. If you live near one and haven't gone yet be sure to go to the next one! Start saving now!

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