Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A little bit of everything.

I am a moron.

I couldn't wait to share my new business cards on my blog. I was so excited to get them in the mail. I checked my box every single day. Today I checked it at least three times and finally they came!  There was only one tiny problem and it was one I could deal with... the left and right side of the card was framed in blue strip because it was supposed to be the bleed area but it ended up printing. No problem, I figured it would look intentional.  So when my husband came home I showed them to him and said there was only one error. I figured if he guessed the blue strips then I would know it didn't look intentional.  Instead, he pointed out that instead of the word Artist.... I wrote Arist.  NOOOOOOOOO!!

I still felt like it was something I could deal with.  Maybe I could joke that I'm an artist and not a speller.  But no.  J said I can't hand out cards that have my profession spelled wrong.  Derrr.

So more are on the way.  I can't wait to see what word I misspell this time.

In other this and that news...

I have been working on a slew of super hero masks for a superkid's birthday coming up. These have been a blast to make.  Here's a little sneak peak. Doesn't the top one look like a Ninja Turtle? Happy accident.

 My friend made herself one of these handy necklace holders and started making me one but got over the idea once she painted the board.  I met her halfway and put the rest of it together tonight. I love how pinteresty it is.
 And then I took a dreamy shot of the collections on my dresser.  My nail polish has some fancy storage.
 I'm working hard in my studio.  I've been so into making these little stick banners.  This new one might be my fave.  It's a lot tinier than the others and this little birdy is about to be glued to the top.  Thank goodness I have an overgrown apple tree outside with many sticks ready to be trimmed. Free art supplies!
What are you doing to prepare for fall? How many pumpkin lattes have you had so far? (I've had 2).  I can't wait for the cool weather. I'm getting all my sweatshirts and blankets washed and ready for the coming season. I feel like I should switch my color schemes in my work to warmer Fall colors but it will never happen. Pastels and neons forever!



anna said...

:( unfortunately creative often also means chaotic, know everything about that. Congratulations on your wedding & new home! That you may become good friends real soon :)!

A Beautiful Party said...

Creative means chaotic... I never thought of it that way but it's totally true!
And thank you! I look forward to my home friendship too. ( :