Saturday, August 25, 2012

Etsy Sellin'

Some exciting things have been happening in my shop lately! I have said good-bye to some of my favorite pieces in the last month or so.  It's such a thrill to see that email letting you know something has sold.  And then there is the bittersweet moment of having to ship off some of your favorite things.  I'm happy to see them go to a good home, though, and am only inspired to make more and more and more.

 Today's little jar was shipped out looking like this.  Packaging is one of my favorite parts. I love for each item to be wrapped up like a magical present.  I have a drawer full of balloons and feathers and scraps of tissue.  I'm starting to think about how I want to decorate for my bags for my upcoming sale. I think it would be neat to pre-decorate them in all this fun ephemera.
My Etsy shop is not super full right now and I'm really debating whether to add more things or wait until after the sale.  As you can see from most of my blog pictures I'm not that great at taking product shots so that part is a little stressful.  I think I'm just thinking out loud. I should focus right now on making more and worry about listing later. Or am I procrastinating again?

I got a couple of great comments on my last post in regards to galaxy art tutorials. If you are interested go click on the links.  Some super amazing stuff.

Thanks, y'all! Have a great weekend.  Get a pumpkin white chocolate frap if you live near a Caribou Coffee!


robayre said...

Whether you decide to list the items or not, let me just share some wisdom that I read on the etsy forums. Don't put your shop in vacation mode like some people do when they go to craft and art fairs. I've read that it causes your shop to be removed from google searches and your views do not automatically return when your shop returns from vacation either. Rather the next time google decides to crawl your site.

A Beautiful Party said...

Thanks for your advice. That's handy to know because my plan was to do vacation mode. Now I'm not sure what to do! Yowza.