Thursday, August 23, 2012

And Another Thing

 I have so so so many things I need to be working on right now.

I should be doing more of this...
 And a whole lot more of this...

But what I really want to do is make galaxy art.  I have been noticing a big trend on Pinterest (follow me! abeautifulparty) lately with DIYs on making your own galaxy skirt but today when I was scrolling through Craftgawker I was super excited to see a tutorial for paper.  My internet was running slow on my phone and I had to finish the latest episode of Teen Mom (not apologizing) before I could use my computer so I spent the last half hour of the show daydreaming about what all I would do with my galaxy paper.  The excitement was building while I watched and learned just how tough it is to have a child as a teen.  Finally I was able to look up the tutorial for this exciting project and I was crushed to discover they are envelopes made of magazine pages. 
This is a great DIY, just not what I was looking for.
So I thought this was a good thing because I would get back to the projects that I had started and needed to be resolved.  But thennnnnn.... I thought I could find the skirt tutorials and apply those techniques to paper....  So far I have found a few DIYs for paper but they have been a little hokey.  I did find a pretty good one for a skirt.  The skirt came out beautifully.  I think maybe I could make this work best on canvas instead of paper.  If I spray bleach on paper I think it will just eat the paper. Eating paper is a bad idea...

Click the image for the tutorial.
Okay okay. Maybe this thought can wait.  Maybe I should get back to what I was doing. Maybe I'll just clean my studio and procrastinate a little, get to bed early, and try it all again tomorrow.

Probably that one.

If you have some good ideas for this galaxy paper project would you mind sharing?  I neeeeeed to know!!

Edited after posting: I feel like it sounds like I made a galaxy skirt and it came out beautifully. I meant the skirt in the tutorial. Don't want to give the impression that no procrastination was happening...


robayre said...

I know I've seen a really cool time lapse video of someone painting a space piece. I couldn't find the one I was thinking of, but I did find this:

CassieMarie said...

Hey Annnnnnnn!

I've done paintings (like this one which you've seen already) -

For this one I used frisket(masking fluid) for the text. I taped off the edges of watercolor paper, mixed colors, and then wet the whole paper and went at it. When certain areas were mostly dry but still damp, I went back in with more layers of color - this creates a really nice 'randomness'. Lastly, I sprinkled salt over parts of it to create stars. :)