Thursday, May 30, 2013

How To Make Party Poppers

I have never seen a party popper or a cracker before but I kept hearing about them and was super intrigued. I love party anything and the idea of bundling little gifts into a sweet gift that you have to pop open seemed like the bee's knees!  I looked around online to see how people were making them and then I got to work. Mine does not have a cracker in it but that is something I would like to try further down the road.

I put out a call to friends for toilet paper rolls and they are still coming in! I am always excited when I can recycle products that normally get trashed.  The supplies I started with are:

Tissue paper in two different colors, a strip of streamer paper, ribbon, some washi tape, a pom pom, toilet paper roll, and of course, little treats. (And some glue!)

First cut the tube in half so it will help with the popping later.
 Carefully dab a bit of glue along the tube.

 On the larger sheet of tissue paper carefully roll the tube all the way to the end making a long cylinder.

Dab the last bit of paper with some glue to help hold it in place.

Tie off one end with some ribbon.

If the end is super long trim it down until it is the desired length.

On the open end carefully fill your popper with little toys and treats.  It can be anything! Think of fun themes or fill it with a bunch of feathers!

Tie the other end.  This is what it should look like.

I have a pair of Martha Stewart fringe scissors and they are rocking my world.  Cutting fringe has never been easier or looked better.  With a sheet of tissue paper that is about the width of my tube and the length of a full sheet, I used my scissors to cut some fringe.

Again, dab a bit of glue and carefully roll.

A bit more glue at the end will hold it together. Don't worry if your roll isn't tight. The tissue paper can be too fussy to pull tightly and by having it a bit looser it makes it easier to pop it open.

With my streamer I cut fringe on both sides and rolled it over my second layer in the middle of the roll.

I then used a strip of wash tape in the middle of the streamer layer for a bit of pattern and a color pop.

To hide my seam I glued a small pom pom on it.

And now you have a sweet little popper to give to a friend!

I have found by using this method with the different layers you really have to work with the roll to get it to pop but it will pop open. If you find you are struggling too much, cut the length of the tissue paper down a bit and roll it less.  The more layers the harder to pop.

And now you have treats!

I hope this inspires you to get to popping! I am going to be adding a bunch of these in my shop soon. I love making them and have a million more paper rolls to use up!

Here are all my poppers from my last sale.  This was one of my favorite displays!