Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lazy? Yes No Maybe.

Good morning! 

I was going to start by saying I think I have been a little on the lazy side since my last sale but maybe I haven't been.  I had a few days where I lolly-gagged around and enjoyed other things in life besides constantly making things so I suppose that's not lazy. Sometimes it's all or nothing with me. If I'm not continuously churning out work I feel like I'm wasting time.  I suppose that's a good and  bad way of thinking.  I have to learn to stop and enjoy other things in life. Like reading a magazine in the sun.

What I did that was very important was get some new work in my shop.  I made these dreamcatchers in the last few days and was so excited about them I had to hurry and get them posted.  I'm excited with these new color schemes and can't wait to make more and more.


See more here.

Details here.
I have also decided to apply to the Renegade Craft Fair super last minute so cross your fingers for me. It would be a dream to be part of that festival. I am also looking for other indie type craft fairs where my work will fit in.  I am really feeling motivated.

Now that my lazy days are over I have some custom orders to get started on and a few more Arrested Development episodes to watch.  Can you believe I haven't watched them all yet? I'm taking my time and trying to savor them. It's crazy that the show is even back on to begin with. I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about the new episodes but I am trying to let them be what they are and figure out my feelings later.  What are your thoughts? (The internet has made me feel like EVERYONE is watching it so if this doesn't apply to you, my apologies. But seriously, check it out, it's soooo good!)

Here are some neat things happening in the blog universe right now:

Hannah is working on a cool project where she is drawing all of her facebook friends. I spy me in there!  See it here

Cassie made a really neat time lapse video of her painting.  She usually posts a lot of great in-progress works but this video takes it to a whole other level. Check it out here.

Rachael's new blog look also comes with lots of great explanations and insights to her paintings and how she works. Be sure to follow her here.

This commissioned drawing by Jane will make your heart skip a beat.

Bryanne is always killing it with her photography.  See here.

Jessica's tumblr is the best!

Alright, there's is a Wednesday link roundup for ya!

Have a great day today!


Jessica Robles said...

<3 looking good! Keeping fingers cross for renegade!!!

flux biota. said...

Good vibes to the renegade gods, you should fit in perfectly.


Thanks for the shout out.

robayre said...

We only started watching Arrested Development last night. I was really worried because up until the release my facebook was blowing up Arrested Development and then there was nothing. No hilarious memes or spoilers or anything. We watched 4 episodes last night. I'm kind of mixed myself. I'm not sure I'm crazy about the way the episodes are themed from one family member's perspective. Also, some of the changes in the actors were distracting to me. I don't think I could pay attention to anything that was happening in the whole lindsay episode because... well, what happened to her face? I feel like I want to watch the episodes again and see if they make more sense to me, and I'll be less distracted by the people I'm watching it with.

I love that project where your friend is drawing all of her facebook friends.

Unknown said...

Looking good! Thanks for linking to my project! Your pic was fun to draw.