Tuesday, May 14, 2013

These Days

Good morning, y'all. I have to say I'm sorry this blog has become a bunch of posts of me just saying, "I've been busy!!" but man oh man have I been busy. My first big sale of the summer is just days away (aaacckkk!!) so I have really been working around the clock while also working on custom banner and party decor orders. I'm super grateful for the work and am happy to be spending my days crafting but I really want to find more balance for my blog. I miss writing about other artists and sharing different inspirations here.  Right now it's so me-focused and I am ready to turn the spotlight on others!  But for today... one more me-post. ( :

I have been asking people to save their empty toilet paper rolls for me because I have been wanting to try making crackers.  I found some great tutorials online and have been enjoying decorating these cuties.  I don't have crackers in them so when you pop them open it's more like popping open a can of crescent rolls but I think that's ok. I'm calling them Party Poppers. My husband gave me the great idea of selling them empty so that the buyer can personalize their popper with their own treats and treasures. I'm excited to see if this is a hit.

 Another fun thing I have been doing is decorating balloon sticks. I love the huge balloons with decorations on them but they are pretty pricey and do not last very long.  These sticks are reusable and sort of look like fairy wands.  Is it clear how much I love party supplies?

In these final days I'm having the usual anxieties of second-guessing everything I am doing and worrying that it's not enough or it's too much or it's the wrong idea or it could have been better. Putting yourself or your work out into the world is such a scary thing.  All I can do is do it but I might have a little tremble in my voice or shakey hands until it's all over. Excitement and nerves has me twisted up in knots but I'm finding ways to laugh at myself and let the excitement win.

I am going to wrap up my giveaway early because I want to have plenty of time to contact the winner.  I have lots of dreamcatchers to choose from and am also happy to whip a new one with colors the winner chooses.  Enter my giveaway here.  My friend Robyn, who will be my tent neighbor, is also hosting a giveaway where the winner chooses a piece of jewelry. Enter here.  She did a great write-up of the sale that should get you excited to go!

See you tomorrow with a dreamcatcher winner!


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For me this stage means one thing: Severe case of last minute ideas and showers of inspiration, BUT, I really can't deal with them because if I do, I won't have everything wrapped up in time. I need to remember for later that the busier I am the more inspiration strikes. I also need to remember now that I should be writing down all these ideas because some of the ideas that are coming to me are ideas I'm sure I also came up with right before the last show but didn't remember. I will need those in a month when I'm walking around complaining because I have nothing to do. You know that picture you posted of your studio and the chaos this show, and all your other projects, has caused. Well, today I realized that same kind of chaos has expanded into the rest of the house.