Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Tale of Two Couches

Since I have not been at my best creatively, I thought I should take a moment and tell you a sad tale.

The white couch below (well, it was once white), has been in our living room since we moved into our new house. It's pretty comfy but wear and tear has been happening on it almost since we got it. The lady we bought it from had it for years and it was spotless so I'm not sure what we are doing wrong. No, that cushion is not busted out, I should have just zipped it back up before I took this picture.

 We have also had this fun vintage teak couch but because it is not very comfortable it has always been in the back room.  One day I decided to switch them out since most of our furniture in the living room is teak and I wanted the room to feel more pulled together. Plus, that white couch is obviously going downhill fast. Even though it is not that comfortable I thought it was something we could get use to. I loved the way it made the room look.
Lately lots of Pinterest looking and blog reading have been having a bit of a negative effect on me. It's been making me feel down for not having the perfect "lives" that are always presented. Cute vintage couches, tablescapes (seriously), clothes,  parenting, artists making beautiful things... It's so much perfectness and so many things I want in one place and it can really wear on you.  So this couch might help make me feel more pulled together, right?

NO! It is seriously so uncomfortable that I am now to the point where just looking at it makes my back hurt.  My husband and I avoid it like the plague which is good because it means less hours watching TV but oh! I would love to have a place to sit that doesn't mean tossing and turning all night after because my back is killing me.

There is a lesson in here somewhere.  But I'll probably still feel inferior after an overdose of blog reading and pinterest pinning.

We have decided to switch the couches back again and be fine with a living room that isn't perfect.  At least we will be able to watch a movie and not break our backs.

Have you had an experience like this? Please share!


Jessica Robles said...

Yes! I'll often avoid blogs and Pinterest for the same reasons, I just get bummed out. But I always come back cuz I like to dream a bit!

Heather said...

Greetings! I was hoping you could answer my question I have about your blog! My name is Heather and my email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)