Tuesday, October 29, 2013

balloons and arts and bunny

y'all i'm back. and i'm going to see how i like not using capital letters. i've seen others do it and sort of like the aesthetics of it. if all caps is yelling then no caps must be talking softly. i want to talk softly to you. i'll probably forget halfway through this so we'll see.

remember how way earlier this summer i showed a picture of my living room and commented on there always being a random balloon floating around my house?

 now there is a random huge balloon in the same spot. i guess it's just how i live my life. i think it's going to be a very  long time until that balloon deflates. i debated popping it but that seems like such a shame. might as well let it live the life it's going to live.

we have been doing a whole lot of moving around in our house. i think it really does take at least a year of living in a space to start figuring out how to make it work for you. i can't wait to show you what all we have done. lets just say i have solved my couch with tv dilema in a way that makes me and my back super happy.  rue got a new space, too. she's such a curious bunny so moving around her space keeps her on her toes. she likes to explore. i'm hoping in this new room she will free to roam the whole space. i decorated her area with a beautiful rabbit print that was gifted to me by a very thoughtful friend.

 friday night i had my work in a show with a group of talented artists.  it was so exciting for me to be doing something with my artwork. it seems like it's been a long time since i've shown anything that wasn't more craft oriented.  this collection is one i have worked on over the years but a couple were very new pieces.  the image below is a quick shot i took of my newest piece.  it was a new way of working for me so i'm thrilled to see it framed and hanging on the walls.  
i had to write up a little artist bio so after lots of thought this is what i came up with:

Ann Flowers Gosser is a Southern girl who says y’all and wishes her hair was made of cotton candy.  She makes art about dreamy worlds where dolphins live in melty ice cream and ghosts play dress up in clothes and bright wigs. Gosser eats lots of candy while she swirls watercolors together on paper and dreams about soap opera romances.

i feel like more than a bio it's more an artist statement. the work i make is about dreamy romances and weird monsters who are trying to be their prettiest.  i love for my work to be both saccharine and creepy.  seeing my work all together like this has motivated me to get things going again in the studio. i have still been in my rut but i'm feeling confident that i'm about to work through it.

i missed the reception for the show because i got super sick over the weekend. i battled a fever and lived to tell the tale but i have no pictures to show you of the whole installation. hopefully there will be a write-up somewhere soon where i can send you.  the other artists in the show were inspirational. i was so honored to be showing next to them.  

here's to art! 

i hope to be back sooner than later. happy halloween week!


anna said...

Love your artist statement ánd your work, cotton candy girl :)!

anna said...

I am still working on mine, so hard to find words for visual thoughts..