Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Maker is Out

This post is picture-less because I have been avoiding my studio.  I absolutely do not know what to do in there. I want to make... what? It's so uncomfortable to be in this place. So tonight I sat by my rabbit and added some songs to my itunes library. I listened to a CD that I haven't listened to since high school and I tried to get my mind back to that time when I wasn't afraid to just make stuff. I made some pretty embarrassingly bad stuff back then but I did not even care (mostly because I didn't know it was embarrassingly bad) because I loved making it all so much. I listened to angsty music and felt passionate and put it all on paper for the world to see (cringe).

 I had a moment the other day where I realized I was tired of making stuff I thought people would like and I was just going to make whatever I wanted and hope it would eventually be loved. I got so hung up on feeling like I had to make work that would easily sell so I was being far to influenced by others who were easily selling their work but it didn't seem to be working for me. I think I wasn't being true enough to who I really am. I like weird beautiful little objects that do not necessarily have a function.

So there, now I'm free to make whatever I want because I gave myself that permission. And then just like that I did not know what to make.

Okay okay, I will give you a picture.  It's from my pinterest board.


Desperately seeking my ability to make pretty things...


Michelle C. Moode said...

You'll work through it. I've been there, man. ;) Love you!

julie tillman said...

I cannot tell you how much I relate to this post! It can be so hard sometimes. I'll think, "Today I am making art!" And then I'll do a million other things (even horrible things, like, the DISHES!) before I start. Once I get started though, I don't want to stop for anything.

Thanks again for sharing. I just love your blog!