Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dream Home

Today I'm dreaming.  We have had our house for over a year now and I love it but it still doesn't feel like home. I think I still treat it like it's an apartment so I am afraid to make a lot of cosmetic changes. I am also just not ready to truly settle down and dream about the day we will move some place further south where it's warmer.  I would love to settle in Nashville and even though it would still be a few years before we could make a move like that I am still mentally packing my bags.

I've culled pinterest for some inspirational ideas that may help me with decorating my home and feeling more like I belong here.  Click the image for the link.

Everything about this place.... everything...
Interior Styling | Dining Table Lighting

I wish I could get my studio to this state. Minimal-ish, sooooo white, soooo organized.  This space would be amazing.
craft room / office

That rug haunts me in my dreams. I want it so bad.

Bohemian Vintage: Bohemian Wednesday - Valerie Mangum's Boho Interior - 05.22.2013

I wish I could have those tiled walls. Does anyone think that mirror is hung for a super tall person? I would maybe be able to see my bangs in that mirror? If I tease them high enough.
A cheerful bathroom.

Oh my gosh what if this was in my backyard?! I would make it my year-round studio and make all the arts in here.  I die just thinking about it.
From hgtv

I'm going to start drawing up plans for my southern fried dream home. In the meantime I will do my best to make my current place a lot dreamier.



Unknown said...

I love this bathroom. You've inspired me to make changes to my bathroom!

anna said...

I'm so with you..love these interieurs!