Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thinking and Remembering and Watching TV

It's me three days in a row now! Are y'all still reading? 

I'm excited to report that I finally made myself sit down in my studio last night and work on something.  I love painting with watercolors so I knew that would be the best thing get me going.  The only problem is that I reach a certain point of painting and I do not know where to go from there. For a while I was painting flowers but I got stumped with that imagery, too. I'm hoping tonight I can sit down with pencils and markers and drawing into these will start to come naturally.

A while back when I was having another moment of worry that I wasn't doing enough in my studio my friend Meghan told me not to worry because any thing I do is going to eventually inform my art. If I'm watching a lot of TV that is going to play some part.I was happy to accept that because it meant I could watch a lot of TV and not feel guilty (okay, fine, don't worry, I felt a little guilty...) but it hasn't been until recently that I am really seeing the truth in that. Last night while I painted and listened to music I thought A LOT.  I thought about some of the trashy reality shows I had watched (sorry, not sorry) and about some crazy college moments I experienced. I thought about friends and their relationships.  I thought about books I had been reading and I thought about my future.  So many things flooded through me while I painted and I know it was every single one of those things that was causing me to make this mark here or that color wash there.  It's neat to have visual proof of all my thoughts. I like thinking. I like remembering. And I really like trashy reality TV shows because it only adds more things for me to think about that I never would have known I could think.

Maybe I'll title this series: Think Piece.  

And my friend Meghan who told me this wise bit of information? She is amazingly smart and insanely talented. Look at this piece of art and check out her website here

I guess what I am trying to say is that you should collect experiences. As many as you can. Even if it's just watching TV sometimes.  I feel like I am always sort of apologizing for watching TV but that's because so many people chastise others for watching TV or think they should reward themselves because they don't do it. If you are one of them, I'm sorry if I  am being too defensive and your hair looks pretty today and I really like that necklace!  I just think that all experiences are relevant.  I also believe everything in moderation. If all of life was a food pyramid chart probably TV watching should be at the very top.  What would be at the bottom of the pyramid? Hopefully pizza eating.

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Hi! Just discovered your blog and happy to see you update! :)