Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SGC and Back

I'm back! I was off for four days at SGC, a printmaking conference held this year in St. Louis, MO. It was lots of non-stop fun. It was weird to get home and sit down and do nothing for a few hours. The best thing about SGC is that it really gets your art adrenaline going and when you leave you're ready to print the artworld red. I have tons of ideas and lots of excitement. I think I am officially out of my post-grad slump!
There are many posts that I am preparing for the future. I have several artists to feature and am working on those posts now. For now, here's a quick run-down of my trip as told by Iphone photos...
Right before my trip I was working on this print for an exchange. I like the prints all together like this but am not certain they work well on their own.

I saw this delicious zine show and was reminded of how much I love zines and want to make more more more.
I finally got to see a Squeak Carnwath print in person. I almost fell over. She was my absolute favorite in undergrad. Seeing this piece reminded me to keep her as my favorite now.

I also got to see this beautiful piece by my undergrad professor. Sorry it's so blurry. Nicole Hand makes really beautiful juicy etchings.Here's my friend Rachael and I meeting Tony Fitzpatrick. I'm pretty sure I totally geeked out in front of him. Never mix drinking beer and meeting one of your favorite printmakers. It just equals nerdienss. Oh well, he was a super nice guy and makes fantastic work. So does Rachael.
I took glamour shots with my friend in this classy bar bathroom. The wall paper was flocked!
Firecracker Press was beautiful and everything I want in a studio.
I got to see this lovely girl in a lovely hat.
Sneak peak at arts that will be featured here soon...

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing this amazing couple get married. I cried.
And I was involved in one of the most intense drawing contests ever with some pretty amazing printmakers including my good friend Adrienne who I always miss.

And then I came home and my little rabbit was hopping around and happy to see me!
Much much more to come. I met so many amazing artists and can't wait to start putting together features for them.
SGC forever....